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Breakthrough Signs JasperSoft Partnership!

Signing a partnership agreement with California-based JasperSoft, Inc. has given us access to JasperSoft resources for use in our deployment of the JasperReports BI Platform. 

Breakthrough has been building solutions based upon JasperReports for years, but this partnership legitamizes its practice even further and allows the organization to access many more resources provided by the JasperSoft Company.

As JasperReports becomes a more common platform deployed in the enterprise, JasperSoft is looking for community and integration partners to fill the gaps and provide consulting, implementation, training, and development services on the platform. One of the areas that we see our unique skillset completing is integration between the myriad of datasources within an organization. Trying to tie these systems together through a dashboard or reporting platform is a great asset to many organizations who have the data they need, but it is simply not accessible to their management in real-time.

As Breakthrough grows this practice, we are looking forward to enhancing our offering and building a tight partnership with this innovative open source technology provider.

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