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Save Time AND Money on Your Assessments

Do you have a low or mid-stakes assessment that you'd like to deliver more cost-effectively? Valuate provides an alternative to expensive, complicated proprietary assessment tools to meet your unique registration, item banking, item creation, testing and reporting needs. As a purely web-based solution, Valuate gives you numerous options to enrich the user experience and bring your brand to life.

Create a Unique Customer Experience

Valuate is a turnkey assessment platform that eliminates the need for multiple vendors and solutions and has built-in flexibility so you can customize the framework and business rules to fit your organization. “Valuate is so much more than just a practice test environment; this platform has extremely rich enterprise class assessment management capabilities,” says Doug Wilson, Managing Partner at Breakthrough Technologies. “You can access the expertise of a test development team, adjust content for a wide variety of sources and build as complicated a test as you can imagine.” Valuate can be seamlessly integrated into your LMS or assessment system and allows you to create and manage item banks, customize score reports and make changes to content and items at lightning speeds.

Superior Testing at Lower the Cost

Valuate’s high-quality back-end platform allows your assessments and certifications to be skillfully managed and delivered, all while saving you time and money. “Since Valuate is an open-source platform, it can help remove common business constraints and offer a more flexible pricing policy,” shares Wilson. “Your assessment can be hosted securely on the cloud and we can scale costs in the smartest way possible to fit your needs. Instead of paying high per-test fees, you can focus costs on customization, support and cloud services.” In addition to delivering a powerful testing experience, Valuate has an e-commerce system for registration built directly into the platform to help you generate revenue.

If you’re ready to check out a world-class testing solution for low and mid-stakes assessments, you can further explore Valuate’s exciting features or see this platform in action by contacting for a personalized demo. 

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