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We're Among the Top 100 Digital Companies, Win!

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

Breakthrough has come a long way from the software dev startup that it was nearly 14 years ago. We've known about our success as a company for some time but as of last week word of our triumph as a provider of quality web and software solutions is spreading rapidly.

Built in Chicago has put together a slick infographic (excerpt below) about the staggering growth of startups in the Chicago area. Along with general stats about the number of launches and jobs created, they compiled a list of the Top 100 Digital Companies in Chicago.

Forbes, recognizing an opportunity to tout the strength of Chicago's entreprenurial community, picked up the graphic in A New Startup Every 48 Hours by Kelly Reid. Reid also praises those companies that made the list and have braved the first years of the startup life-cycle for being incredibly accessible to fledgling startups just entering the scene.

There have been a few comments on BIC's site that the infographic's title is slightly misleading since the list is based solely on employee headcounts from May 14th. Let us be clear that we're happy to be on any list that includes Google and Groupon. Win!

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